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Banner Plane did not fly over MBS. It was fake

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In the video it cuts from showing 2 people straight to the sky. Why cut to it?

Another thing is you would think they would want to show Mercedes-Benz and it in the image. Or at least the skyline. But nope. 

Also where he finds those 2 people is the former falcons landing hangout. And you have those huge white columns next to you. And with the angle of his camera, he somehow missed having those in the shot. 

Last where he showed those two people pointing. They are pointing about eye level to the short building of Phillips arena. And yet you don't see any of those other tall buildings that are right behind it. Therefore there would still have to be the huge buildings in it. 

So I call #######. 

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24 minutes ago, wartownfalcon said:

It was real. I was in the Gultch tailgating and seen it flying around

Then why is the guy who does the video show a short banner close to the plane, yet the image he took is a plane with a longer banner and a lot further from the plane? And then why is the video cut and spliced? And no buildings in it. 


Did you actually look to see if it said that? Or did you just assume? 

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I saw both banner planes on my way home yesterday while driving South on the connector. The one posted above and one with a larger banner.  By the time I got close enough, they were back behind me, circling back around.

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