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Tonight was the first time Matt threw an interception on TNF


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So many fans take for granted Matt Ryan and this game in general. Matt has great stats and performs personally well and is still blamed for a single play in the Super Bowl loss or even the play call when his blocking let an UNTOUCHED pro bowl caliber LB have a clean shot at Matt on one of those aggressive shots we took often last year.

Pathetic. Heck, even Brees season is on the backs of his RBs performance. Saints rookie goes down and look at how NO struggled all game.

They had a short field from 1 turnover and had momentum on the consecutive TD. Rest of the game is all Falcons D; you know keeping Falcons in the game after the turnovers.

Matt isn't the best QB in the league but people need to stop thinking he has to be. He was more than good. He was great in the SB; personally. All the while our OL went to crap from 3 injured players and we lost our 2nd RB Coleman.

Only a few QBs can consistently win as pocket passers in stable systems. I think of Tom Brady and...that's about it. Rodgers, Wilson etc are not Ryan's mold and have legs to make plays. Matt's not sexy for the wing it plays nor the best pocket presence since being in this timing based WCO. Still, he buys in and tries his hardest. He isn't perfect but is by far the best QB we've ever had and a 50/50 HOF QB already at this rate.

Its not good enough because your fantasy sports team is struggling? Style belongs to dabbing running QBs with read-options. Put Matt in NE for years with a coach like Belichick. He'd have far more personal stats in his favor than playing in Atlanta.

We were on the garbage pile post-Vick/Petrino and he had the pressure of helping erase that by being "the FALCONS" franchise QB after all that. And he went from " average QB"with late game QB heroics into a solid franchise/HOF pace career. Brady had MEDIOCRE personal stats for his first 5 or 6 years and that was with dominant D carrying that team to 3 SB wins. Give us any of the NE D from 2001-2002 or 2004 and we'd have won last year's SB. Matt gets such a bad wrap despite being such a great guy. Atlanta deserves worse for its lack of appreciation.

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