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Looks like i was wrong


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i thought we were going to make more of effort to get the ball in our backs hands but once again its the same crap every week. im beginning to think Sark is just to overwhelmed for this job. He cant handle it. F*ck even the analyst have said atlanta rbs could be successful against the linebackers

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1 minute ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Sark's calling a fine game so far.  Ball is moving around fine.  Saints are mixing their coverages well.  The few times I saw they flex Coleman out, NO checked to zone and put a corner out there on him.

Their coaches know who they have at linebacker.  They're gonna limit their exposure.

I trust PMF to give me the inside scoop. This guy knows his stuff.

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2 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:


What they need to do is what they did against Detroit and start Banjo'ing this stuff where they switch men on the fly.

Tru's man motioned down and blocked Poole.  Poole's man just ran right to the pylon.  Tru was just standing there.  They run that Banjo and Tru is right on that route.  

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