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NFC South race to the playoffs


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Well, here's a sho nuff must win scenario,...on TNF. Actually the Falcons have fared well thru the years on TNF, unlike MNF. Their record on Monday nights is applorable. The hated aints come to Atlanta for TNF. But I'm not like most Falcons fans who hate Nawlins,...so much. Peyton and Brees are smug, arrogant sobs but!,...soms of beaches can think up some incredible offensive schemes, noooooo doubt.
By this time of year everyone knows the keys to every game, or should. Nawlins is playing SUPER defense which amazes me cause last year they sucked badly. The stats show they defense is middle of the range NFL-wise but any improvement over last year is gravy. The aints offense is still the aints offense,...guaranteed to score over 20 points every game. Their worst scoring performance in 2017 was a loss to the Vikings at Minnesota on opening Sunday as they lost 29-19. The aints O is nearly guaranteed to score three TDs in every game.
This game tomorrow night is a playoff game for the Falcons. The 9-3 Saints can finish the last 4 games 2-2 and win the division,...*unless* the Falcons sweep them and finish off the Panthers and Bucs. Basically,...the Falcons win out 2017 and they win the division. With one loss, the best the Falcons can hope for is 10-6 and then there's no guarantee they'll make the playoffs as of now with that record.
Then there's the Panthers at 8-4. And talk about a team whom's destiny resides in they own hands, wow. They have 3 home games to finish the season hosting the Vikes, Packers and then the Bucs before they finish the season at Atlanta. If the Falcons win out they'll win the division. If the Panthers win out maybe a playoff appearance. Remember the Panthers are 2-2 in the NFC South with two games left within the division. But on a side note,...I've never seen fans of an 8-4 team talk so poorly of they coaches, the QB they drafted #1 overall especially. It is conceivable the Panthers falter in December cause the NFL is QB driven if you catch that.
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