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***official*** Georgia vs Oklahoma thread

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2 hours ago, Skip said:

All the talk is about one side of the football for OU. They're 57th in total defense. That ain't a good sign. 

That I agree with. I don't think they could stand up to UGA's run game. They will wear down. The Bama formula, run the ball down their throats till they're black and blue and play defense.

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9 minutes ago, Unkn0wn said:

That I agree with. I don't think they could stand up to UGA's run game. They will wear down. The Bama formula, run the ball down their throats till they're black and blue and play defense.

Use a similar offensive approach in Rose Bowl as to what was used to beat down Auburn.

Don't turn the ball over.

Unleash the Dawgs on defense.

Play good special teams.

Manage the clock intelligently.


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24 minutes ago, Unkn0wn said:

That I agree with. I don't think they could stand up to UGA's run game. They will wear down. The Bama formula, run the ball down their throats till they're black and blue and play defense.

and then run it one more time.  Running the ball and keeping Mayfield on the sideline cam make it great for us.  That can make him be pressured into making a play and that is when mistakes happen.  

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guys this needs to be pinned.. i am pinning.. also a good read from a bama fan: 

 Originally Posted by uafan4life View Post
Something to think about when looking at the Rose Bowl...

Oklahoma's adjusted defensive efficiency ranks them at 59th in the country. The three teams closest to that ranking which Georgia played this season are Florida at 45th, Georgia Tech at 49th, and Tennessee at 70th. Against those three teams, Georgia averaged 40.33 points per game, 414 total yards per game, 277.67 yards rushing per game, 0.67 turnovers per game, and allowed their opponent an average of 11.67 drives per game.

Georgia's adjusted defensive efficiency ranks them at 2nd in the country. The three teams closest to the ranking which Oklahoma played this season are Texas at 6th, Ohio State at 11th, and TCU at 14th. Against those three teams, Oklahoma averaged 34.75 points per game, 500.5 total yards per game, 174 yards rushing per game, 0.75 turnovers per game, and ran an average of 11.75 drives per game.

If the offensive averages for both teams against comparable defenses hold, Georgia wins this game. That means that the real question in this game is whether the weakest unit on the field, Oklahoma's defense, plays significantly better than expected. OU hasn't played a ball-control offense like Georgia. They also haven't played a team with a true, consistent, power-rushing attack like Georgia. 

So, the real question in this game is not "Can Georgia slow down OU's offense?" but, rather, "Can OU slow down Georgia's offense?"

OU's defense played great against Ohio State but Ohio State has been more than a little bit up and down this season on offense. They'll need a similar effort and on-field result to that Ohio State game if they're going to beat Georgia.

My way too early prediction:
Georgia 38
Oklahoma 27
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6 minutes ago, MemphibianDawg said:

Well, I don't know how they did it but the folks at YouTube have somehow managed to get footage of our D-line against Baker Mayfield in our future match up with the Sooners:

Science, y'all. It's truly wondrous.

lololol.. i wish someone would throw a few bulldog jerseys and helmets on those guys. 

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5 hours ago, SacFalcFan said:

 Interesting take I guess, but seems kind of lazy, no?

Red Zone Defense... For the first half, we did a pretty **** good job of playing RZ defense in the first matchup as well... the touchdown came after the drive extended by the leaping penalty and the catch was on a long pass from outside the RZ if I'm recalling correctly.

I'd say the bigger impact for us defensively was that we seemed significantly more prepared for *how* they planned to attack us. We took away the screen pass game. Kirby even said as much, that after the game they just simply hadn't adequately prepared for the types of plays that Auburn ran in game 1... I don't think we get caught with our pants down defensively against OU either... Not to say they won't have success, but I'd be shocked if we don't have several analysts going over every play they've run all season and doing a ton of statistical breakdowns on down/distance/formations...

Big runs - early... Again... this is a bit lazy. It's a *result* rather than a *reason*. We *tried* to break off big runs early last time, we just weren't having any **** success. Credit to Chaney and the staff for realizing what I think all of us knew before the game, which was you need the Toss Sweep... force Auburn to chase you down to the outside to open up the inside. Even if it doesn't work early, it tires out that defensive front and softens them up... mission accomplished in round 2. Couple that with the change on the OL... Kindley just couldn't handle D. Brown... Cleveland brought that country strong up on the line and Galliard had a MUCH better game as well. I need to rewatch to see how Baker played. He was dreadful in the first matchup as well... Ultimately, I'd credit Chaney for the calls and Pittman for working out the kinks on the OL to be better prepared to handle the stout front of Auburn.

Protecting Jake Fromm... A] See above... B] Play calling was *much* better overall. Not just the types of runs we dialed up, but was drastically less predictable. Took advantage of out routes with Godwin and Hardman that were quicker developing over some of the deeper routes with Wims. This helped get the ball out quicker but on something other than slant passes which Auburn had basically taken away before. Still took some time to work out the pass protection, but once they got it going, we seemed to really click... even with the officials playing for the other side.


As to what any of this means against Oklahoma, I really don't know. Drew Lock and Jarrett Stidham are probably the only QBs we've faced that are in the same arena as Baker, and neither are the same. Baker is a slippery dude who will give us some trouble. I almost wonder if we don't try and play him more like we did the ND quarterback... play contain and come after him more selectively. I think this game will come down to early play more than any game we've played yet. If we have early success running the ball and stuffing it down their throats, our defense likely feeds on this and forces a stop/turnover/etc. The post from the other day was pretty accurate IMO. On average we've give 11.5 possessions to our opponents... Just under 6 per half. If we prevent them from scoring on 3 in the first half, their per possession average scoring rate is just over 3 points... that would mean maybe 10 points. If that's where we're at, I like our chances in the game a lot. On the other hand, if they are at 20+ points at halftime, who the heck knows. It takes away some of the value of our offensive approach of limiting possessions/time for their offense. Biggest difference between Stidham & the Auburn offense vs Mayfield/Oklahoma is the variety of the passing attack IMO. They don't have the same rushing attack, but they will literally chuck it all over the field (look at CFB Film Room's twitter for Baker's passing chart... it's basically 8/9 greens), in particular the short to intermediate passing game. Auburn is focused on screen/short or deep... significantly less intermediate routes. I feel like South Carolina threw intermediate well on us, particularly taking advantage of Hurst matchups. OU has a decent receiving TE and both backs catch the ball well also. Anyways... that's a lot of typing. I like our chances enough to go out for the game... but it's one of those matchups that I could just as easily see either team winning by 2+ TDs. If we get down early, we're obviously not a picture of the come from behind type team... not saying we can't do it, but it's not what we're built to do either.

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I'm sure this sounds obvious but I think whoever scores first has a big advantage in this one. Them scoring gives confidence that they can score on our defense. And our defense seems to feed off of itself a lot so a couple stops early could really make it tough sledding for OU. 

This team is built more than any other team this year to play with a lead not just with our style of offense but with the way our defense feeds off of momentum. 

We need to find a little more discipline early on with the defense but it is nice to see this team come out on fire unlike a lot of Richt teams of the past. 

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