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Thursday's Game - Battle of the Offenses


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Everyone should know that this game on Thursday starts our playoff run. For how jumbled the NFC is in the middle, the only way to separate is to win out. 

All of that being said, Thursday night's game is a battle of the offenses. After the porous performance of our offense against the Vikings yesterday, I left The Benz pretty frustrated. We controlled that game in the first half. Even with the penalties. But on the way home and through the evening, I watched the Saints and Panthers. Their defense is still suspect. I don't care what anyone says. HOWEVER. This is a different offense. We all know about Ingram. But their rookie Alvin Kamara is potentially ROY. And he showed ALL of it against the Panthers defense that held us to 17 points. Alvin Kamara is REAL.

Be prepared for our defense to struggle, and enthusiastic if they do well. 

So where does it fall? The offense. The Saints are similar to the Vikings where they can run the ball and grind the clock. Difference? They have Drew Brees who can still cut you up. So our offense needs to win time of possession and keep those 2 rb's off of the field. Period. If we do get behind, we can't follow Saints' scores with 3 AND OUTS. Not Thursday.

Matt. Julio. Mack. Freeman. Sanu. Coleman. Hooper. Sark. This game, and our playoff hopes rest with you.



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