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Kamara and Ingram...

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Kamara is from Atlanta too. So you know he is going to try to ball out.

I think thats part of the reason we went after Duke. Once Q saw Kamara come off the board 3rd pick of the 3rd round, we had to get someone who he thought could slow him down at the 11th pick of the 3rd. If he would been still on the board we would have probably drafted him over Hill. I liked Alvin over Hill at draft time.

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On 12/4/2017 at 0:16 PM, MilleniumFalcon said:

Not too worried about Ingram but Kamara is something else, he's a local kid from Norcross too.

Rushing leaders as of Week 13

Rushing Yards

4. Mark Ingram - 922 

Yards per carry 

5. Mark Ingram - 5.1


Rushing TDs

1. Mark Ingram - 9

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We have 4 maulers in the run game (both tackles and both guards) on the Oline. Unger at center is **** good. 

Our weakness is in pass protection when Armstead is out. 

Ingram is above average, but Kamara is special. 

When Kamara is in, you don't know whether it's going to be a run or pass play. 

Previously, when Sproles or Bush was in the game defenses were tipped off that it was probably going to be a pass play. 

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The key to beating the Saint is scoring consistently and giving your D rest which is the opposite of what the Falcons will do. I think the Falcons D will hold up well, initially, against their O, but since the Falcons O struggles, I see the D being on the field a lot and eventually getting worn out. I just don't have faith in the Falcons O right now. I called it with the Vikings and I am calling it again with this game.

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1 hour ago, MilleniumFalcon said:

You can bookmark it yourself. I've been watching Ingram ever since he was at Alabama. Nothing really stands out when watching him. Kamara, on the other hand, you can see he is something special.

Lolol. If being number #1 in rushing TDs and top 5 in rushing yards and ypc, doesn't concern you...let's just say that I hope your coaches share your same philosophy.

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