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Saint vs. Panthers


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12 minutes ago, mattyicefalcon said:

We let Keenum,  Cutler, Taylor, come to our house and whoop our arses!!! 

What do you think Brees will do with this soft zone coverage?

The season is over,if anyone thinks we can sweep the Saints,yes they are beatable,but we damm sure won't be able to do it,and that pains me deeply to say

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4 minutes ago, DMT11 said:

if panthers win, thats a wrap for us, we need too much to go our way, 

It's not a wrap, the likely scenario for us is a WC.  Yes, we have a shot at the division but I doubt we are going to win out.  We are mainly competing with the Seahawks now since we own tiebreakers over the Lions, Packers, Cowboys, and Seahawks.  

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