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Pre-Game Jitters Anyone?


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How are you all feeling right about now? I can only describe myself as Confidently Apprehensive.  I have total belief that the Falcons can beat any team without needing a lot of luck to aid them along. That said, I have a lot of respect for this particular opponent. The same can be said of our next opponent 4 days later. The next five days (including today) can't go badly enough to eliminate us.  However, if they are very good we could climb into #2 seed contention. 

I'm not going to say this is must win or that we must win one of the next two. That just wouldn't be accurate. At the same time, I struggle to remember a four days stretch that has seemed as large to me recently. I do think the Falcons will reveal their true identify over the next four days. I'd love to see that focused team that showed up for the NFC playoffs last season. Ryan has been really sharp for the last month. The interception luck that plagued him early in the season seems to have regressed to the mean. The Falcons have targeted Julio faithfully over the last 4 games. Coleman prospered in the spotlight. Freeman is back with extra rest. Their is plenty to give us confidence...and plenty of history to keep us apprehensive. 

First things first...win the day today!  Go Falcons!


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6 minutes ago, octoslash said:

The Falcons are the team with the most to lose.  Minnesota's pretty much already sewn up their division.   Hopefully they show up flat today. 

They had extra days to prepare, and they have a solid coaching staff. While I'm all for them being flat, I don't think their is much chance of it. If they look flat, it will because we beat them at the LOS when they are passing. 

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