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Worked out CB Leodis McKelvin


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29 minutes ago, Sui_Generis said:

Uh oh. Someone will not be a go Sunday looks like. That or Quinn and company doesn't like the in house options as much as they thought.

Neither of these really...by default the first one.

If signed McKelvin wouldn't be playing anyway. The gameplan is generally built on Wednesdays.

This more than likely indicates an injury being worst or healing slower than originally thought.

My guess would be that it is Poole's injury that is worst than originally thought.

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52 minutes ago, mikeg272 said:

Isn't he a Buc? Just thought I remember that. Haven't checked 


Yeah we released him a while back and hes been with them for a few games.  I think we'll be good with what we have...no hurting in kicking the tires of a few players in case we wont be at full strength in certain areas.  ANYBODY we bring in is sure to start a fire with everybody thinking somehow he may play or start any real amount of time.

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1 hour ago, Sui_Generis said:

Get pressure on Keenum. This game is not on our secondary, but on our Dline.




You can't expect our d-line to play like they did against Dallas every game. With how banged up our secondary is they could get sacks on first and second down and they'd still convert on 3rd.

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