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Attended UGA Practice Last Tuesday Nov 21st


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I have been to a few practices with CMR and Donnan and oh my tempo tempo tempo was the huge difference for me. 

When I arrived I saw one of my arch nemesis and old friend from the old 7AAAA days in Jonas Jennings. Either I have slid under 6 feet or he has grown since the league. He is still a huge man and has trimmed down and looks good. What a great man to have as director of player development. Tri Cities High Schools finest and he does a ton of volunteer stuff that lots of folks don't know about in College Park. 

Got to speak to Fernando a little bit heck of a guy. Still looks like he can play now. 

Odell is freaking huge saw him walking around and did not even recognize him. 

The facility looks great overall fields are beautiful and the indoor spot is big time. UGA is on even playing field with the other giants of the SEC. 

So funny watching the players come onto the field and coaches start barking. The first was Big Chaney and man he is big. Trying to get the skills guys to get ready for pre practice while yelling to each kid are you in a good mood and kids smile and nod yes. Scott Sinclair is AWESOME yelling around to everyone asking D-Lineman you need me to cut you cause I will!

I will echo what the staff said above about the team warm-up period it was amazing. Scott lead this as well as Kirby Dom Sanders and one other player I can't remember who it was. The team was going crazy through drills and yes tootsie roll was playing as well as some 2 pac. 

O-Line you really don't get a good perspective of how big these humans are unless you are within a few feet of them. To me the most impressive was Isiah Wilson. Just huge. Moves really well and looks in great shape. Big Ben would be 1b for obvious reasons. It's a great looking group will post more later about them. Sam Pittman is the Motha Fing man. This guy is good really good. Love how he can be low key and sof voice and then all of a sudden its on and he lets the bombs fly. Kids respond and respect him big time. He came up and talked with my son. Just a great man!

Got to hit the road for a few hours will finish up later. If some want some more insight.
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Ok to continue the thread!

The tempo of practice is amazing! One thing that I noticed is there were no team breaks. Players got water with their individual coaches. Players moved around multiple practice fields and the indoor facility with a sense of urgency. Kirby left the practice field one time to talk to AD greg. He was the hardest working man on the field and in my opinion thats why the staff of around 40 all worked hard for over 2 hours. Grad assistants, video guys, the whole strength staff, and assistant coaches all worked with no downtime. A big eye opener was that no coaches ever stood around and conversation even during team periods. Great job by KIRBY!

Nick Chubb and Sony are all business. No playing around with these 2 its reps stand with each other and repeat. Swift and the others are bigtime the staple of backs is great especially with what we have coming in. Coach Mchgee does a great job also.

Brad Coley is also a guy that caught my eye. He has the swagger that the kids love, full warm up suit, slick back hair and you can tell he is a fla guy. The wr's work very hard and Wims is a monster all of 6-4 and is big. Hardman little smaller than expected but a big time player. Got to see him up close as he rode a bike for a few mins during practice.

Tight Ends- Hardest wokring group on field by far. They would rep team drills run in doors and work one on one pass pro non stop fr multiple periods. Issac huge, charlie huge , jeb huge just big guys overall as a group. My thing is these guys are listed at 6-4 to 6-6 and could all easily be 6-6 and taller. Good looking group and Beamer takes them a long ways away from rest of players for indo.

Side note- this team really looks like a title team, there are no fat guys per say now we have some guys that could lose some and put some muscle on but **** these guys look good.

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