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Report: NCAA to hand down Ole Miss punishment Friday


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After five years, the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions finally issued a ruling in Ole Miss’s recruiting scandal on Friday morning.

The core penalties, per a source close to Ole Miss:

  • An additional bowl-ban year (2018).
  • Because of that total two-year bowl ban, NCAA rules state Ole Miss players are now free to transfer elsewhere without sitting out a season.
  • Probation running concurrently with current probation for a total of four years.
  • Financial penalties.
  • A total scholarship reduction of 13 over a period of years. That’s in addition to the 11 over four years that Ole Miss self-imposed, which already meant three or four fewer scholarship players per year.
  • Every coach named in the NCAA’s investigation has received a show-cause (essentially an NCAA blackball for a period of time). That doesn’t include new head coach Matt Luke, who wasn’t named. Former assistant David Saunders’ show-cause runs for eight years. Former staffer Barney Farrar faces five.


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FYI... it's looking like those scholarship numbers are TOTAL, not in addition as previously reported... If so, 13 total schollies and 2 year bowl ban (only one additional) doesn't seem to be that big of a deal honestly. This really may be the twilight of the NCAA era as an enforcement arm... UNC, Miami, etc... with each passing violation, the penalties are less and less impactful.

Freeze did *not* receive a true show-cause, though he did get a restriction as a HC, 2 game suspension if he takes a HC gig next season, but nothing if he is a Coordinator or Assistant.

Several of the assistant coaches did get the hammer with 5 and 8 year show causes. Many others with 2 year.

Some recruiting restrictions, but nothing significant.

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38 minutes ago, MemphibianDawg said:

I believe they are prohibiting him from transferring to any school in the SEC as well as any teams Ole Miss play in the next two years. I could see him at Michigan if that's true.

Why? Ole Miss is being punished. They don’t care where they transfer to.

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