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Two of my alltime favorite plays are against the Vikings


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31 minutes ago, Brewcrew said:

I bet you all know what they are.  I hope Sunday’s game is too much of a blowout for memorable plays.


“The Kick”



And “The Run”


That's one of the reasons I think we will win the super bowl this season. We've had great luck at Minnesota! Let's get that Lombardi! Rise up! Brotherhood! Crush those Vikings!

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1998, the days when the Falcons used to own the AFC East, the last time the Falcons used to own the Patriots, and the best game in franchise history against the Vikings. That NFCCG CHANGED our franchise forever, and since that come out of no where 1998 season, the Falcons have had so many exciting moments between that time to present with Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tevin Coleman, Devonta Freeman, John Abraham, Sean Weatherspoon, Ricardo Allen, etc. But this season, the Falcons DO have a chance to have 2 great games in Minnesota, and their next best game in franchise history over in that stadium again, in a rematch against the Patriots! 

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