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The next 11 days!


Record in the next 11 days?  

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  1. 1. What will be our record over the next 2 games?

    • 0-2 (7-6)
    • 1-1 (8-5)
    • 2-0 (9-4)

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This is it. We've had some great moments and some maddening ones. Some tough, gritty wins and some boneheaded, mind-blowing losses. But all roads lead to this point in time. Over the course of the next 11 days we will find out just about everything we need to know about this team. Two NFC division leaders. Two teams currently ahead of us in the playoff rankings. Two home games. Two chances to prove we are the team that we think we are.

The Vikings are going to be a very tough opponent. Even if we were at full strength they'd be a tough team to beat. With a few of our guys banged up, it looks like this will be a tall task. I'd say they are definitely the most well rounded team we'll have played to date. Not a lot of areas to attack on offense and weapons galore for our defense to worry about. This will be a huge test for us on both sides of the ball.

The Saints are playing about as well as any team in the league. Though not as well rounded as some of the top teams in the NFC (see Vikings and Rams), they are deadly on offense. They have a potent rushing attack now to compliment their always explosive passing game. We know that it will always be a shoot out with these guys and we have to come in ready to drop 30+ if we expect to win. To make things worse their defense has been playing a lot better. 

All that said, our offense is finally starting to look like the unit that propelled us to the cusp of a Super Bowl. Julio is once again putting the fear of God in defenders and Defensive Coordinators. Austin Hooper and Sanu are on pace for a combined 1300 and 11 TD. Both our running backs are averaging 4.4 a carry and are both sitting on just about 700 total scrimmage yards a piece with 10 TDs between them. The defense is playing well too. We've only allowed one 30+ point game and 3 25+ point games the entire season. 

So here we go. 0-2 and we're likely going to struggle to get into the playoffs. 1-1 we are still in good shape at 8-5. But if we can go 2-0 then we would have beaten two teams ahead of us in the playoff picture and at 9-4 with 3 games left. What do you think will happen?!

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If we beat Minnesota then we should be the Saints.  We don't know Minnesota as well plus there Defense is better.  I picked 2-0 because we are at home both of these games.  I'm hoping Carolina tenderize the saints for us on a short week and they have to travel to us.

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