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NFL concussions down

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There may be some teams hiding symptoms, but overall, I think the game is safer. Many fans like to say that they are changing the game and making it "soft" and that the players are becoming "soft". I disagree. Their safety, long-term health, and well-being are more important than testosterone-driven ego and bravado in the name of a game. With some of these older and retired players developing disorders related to their NFL careers, I am glad this is all occurring. 

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Overall, this is good news and shows that progress can be made, so I guess the game is "safer" from that standpoint.  But football is football.  It was never just the splashy, big, Sportscenter-type hits that were the problem.  Those repeated subconcussive hits along the front 7 that take place 130 times a game are where the most damage is done and I'm not sure there's really anything to be done there.

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