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NFC South potent


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Where is the media reporting how potent the 2017 NFC South has been with 6 games left?
It's funny how the media harps on the NFC/AFC East and the AFC East, sometimes the AFC West but NEVER the AFC/NFC South divisions when they are dominating.
The 2017 schedule is funky. Of the last 6 games the Falcons play 5 division opponents. What that did was force games in Sep, Oct facing the NFC North and AFC East,...the Falcons has faced only one division opponent before Thanksgiving. But what this schedule did was reveal the dominance of the NFC South.
The closest number of wins in a division so far, to the NFC South, is the NFC North with 22 overall wins. Most other divisions have 21 wins or 20 but the teams in the NFC South have,...25 wins so far.hmmmm, interesting and scary for Falcons fans. This means the Panthers, Saints, even the Bucs with 4 wins has beaten good teams so far and this stretch of division games, adding the Vikings, will prove to be revealing for the Falcons.
We Falcons fans have seen the media bias to the point they can't touch us anymore, but we see the truth. It's a shame these guys can't let go of their hominess,...and arrogance.
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