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A little #2 coming..


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7 minutes ago, Jesus said:

Matt Ryan F*cks!

It's funny you say this.  


In high school, my position coach had to miss practice because his wife was having a doctors appointment.  When he came back the next day, our starting fullback clowned him.  He was actually saying stuff like "Coach Pope got him some!", "Who's the father?" and some other sophomoric things that were hilarious when we were kids.

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3 minutes ago, BCEagleATLFalcon said:

Oh that is so, so, so wonderful!!!!!!!

I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but I'd wondered if they were having trouble because they've both talked about how much they want kids and they've been married for so long.

What great news.

Congratulations Ryans!!!!!!!

Twins sometimes equals fertility procedures.

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32 minutes ago, abstract said:

Future starting QB and WR on 2040 Falcons.

Congrats to the lovely couple.

2040?  i WISH i COULD SEE THAT...i'LL BE LONG GONE BY THEN.  Hint: Matty Ice @WhenFalconsWin is not going to be around forever, you could've done me a solid last season, but I'll take take it this one if you don't mind? 

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