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Can we TRY Garland at RG for maybe a quarter?

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6 minutes ago, SpongeDad said:

Wes looked like he was on lollerskates on the MR sack.

Yea that was a pitiful display of everything. He even reached to grab and hold him, right before the sack and couldn't even do that.

Was is regressing in my opinion. Which is hard because there much room to fall

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15 minutes ago, since68andcounting said:

And just see what happens? I know Wes has played some tough competition. But it seems almost every team in the NFL now has stout defensive tackles. It ain't gonna get easier.

I really don't see what we have to lose with that proposition.

The announcers said Garland played at LG last night at one point. Did that actually happen? 

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18 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

They see him in practice. They don't have to see him in a game to know what he is.....

Yeah, and some guys are called "gamers" for a reason. Wes doesn't appear to be. Plus, in camp it was pretty much considered a dead heat. Wes only won out because he was a draft pick and slightly larger, imo.

ONE freaking quarter. Imo we will see a big difference. If nothing else it sends Wes a message that he needs to play better.

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1 minute ago, KRUNKuno said:

Schweitzer is not the answer there.  He’s severely outmatched every game and it shows. He’s a backup at best.  

I agree.  To me Schweitzer is the weakest link on the offense by a long ways.  The blocking has been very different than last year, mostly because of Schweitzer.  Matt Ryan needs a clean pocket for us to have great success on offense.  Schweitzer also gets beat routinely on the run plays.  

Even with Schweitzer I feel like we could've taken more advantage of the secondary last night though.  Matt was playing great and somehow didn't even make it to 200 yards.

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