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The reason why I hate Saints fans...


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So I'm looking at the comments on NFL.com (which is a mistake in and of itself) and stumble upon this gem:

"Christopher Charles Lammons · 

No one is shocked... Seattle is transitioning from losing 2 All Pros in the Secondary and playing with a banged up offensive line. The only shock is that the Falcons actually didn't choke it away... and they tried... but Seatle had its own folly to prevent the Falcons being the Falcons."
I don't know about y'all but I don't read anything that has anything to do with the Saints. I don't really watch their games (unless we're in them). I don't know any Saints fans personally, and in general, I really just don't give 2 ***** about the organization. These dudes however, go so far out of their way just to **** with us. Its pitiful... Why are they like that lol? I just don't get it.
You won't catch me trolling a post game Saints game comments thread, because I just don't care. Seems like these dudes are obsessed with us though. I dunno.
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