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Quinn on the Atlanta Win in Seattle


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Here’s what Falcons coach Dan Quinn had to say after the 34-31 win over the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football:

(Thoughts on the game…) “What an absolute team win from the guys tonight. To play in this environment with the crowd tonight was going to be tough. Those were competitive, tough teams, we were going to battle for it in the biggest way. We talked about that connection between offensive and defense and special teams, almost like a relay team, passing the baton to the next group, to go after it again. 


Even talking to the staff yesterday morning, I had a sense that this game was going to come down to the ball. So for us to be plus two in the turnover margin was a factor. We also talked about two minute and four minute at the end of the half. This team has been outstanding through the years in those two phases. That was a big part of what they (Seattle) did so well and that was going to be a challenge for us. It was tough in spots for a number of the guys. It was hard-fought all the way to the end as we expected.”

(How important were the fourth quarter runs to help you win the game…)The o-line didn’t quite execute as well as we had hoped in the run game. I was especially proud for Terron (Ward). I thought he made some good runs at the end of the game. He had some really tough, hard yards, to convert some first downs. I thought on third down was where the unit really took shape tonight with their ability to convert on third down. We were not in a lot of long third downs. That was a big part of it. That was a real factor tonight.”

(Did your team take control of the game after the two early touchdowns…) “We knew really well that coming back here, having (Desmond) Trufant get one back here in his home area was great for him. Also the sack and score by (Adrian) Clayborn was big. We knew that this one was far from over at that point. There was going to be a lot of football to play. Knowing the group they had, they were going to be ready to battle and we were to.”

(How proud are you that the guys were able to hold on…) “We ended up kicking the field goal at the end of the game, we wanted to go up two scores. We certainly weren’t expecting them to go down the field and score. To opt to battle for it at the end, those are moments you gain from. So for the defense to battle there and make some stops at the end was big. Also I thought the field goal block team, we didn’t get the block on the play but that group has been encouraging and pushing and going for it a bunch. Although they didn’t block, they did get some pressure.”

(Talk about the play of Trufant coming back home…) “He was one of the captains today. He was a special teams captain. He has been on our kickoff team for a long time. He has played on punt return. So we wanted to make sure that we showed him that respect. He had a tackle inside the twenty last week. But back here for him, where he had so much of his athletic career along with his family being a big part of this area. So I was especially happy for him, getting an interception with a good return.”

(Thoughts on your team getting pressure on Russell Wilson tonight…) We knew that the d-line was going to have to chase. Sometimes we had a spy for him and he still outran that player. We knew that we were going to have to keep rushing, keep going aggressive. We dressed a number of d-lineman and we played them all. We knew that was going to be a factor. He was going to scramble to extend plays and to run. The scrambles when your going against him aren’t just run plays. They are extended, he is outside the tackle box to extend the passing game. The defensive backs did an excellent job tonight in limiting the explosive plays. For sure it was a big point of emphasis for us tonight. Those guys handled that part really well.”

(How big was the conversion of the third and six by Jones…) “You have to be able at times to take your shots. When the moments come up we have such regard and respect for Julio. That’s why we took the shot down in the end zone earlier. There were a number of third down wins tonight. Different guys got involved. The third down for us offensively, we had a big emphasis. We have had that for the last few weeks. It’s good to see the hard work we’re putting in, in that area is paying off. We have added work to our practice. We have had work during the week in that area and that work is coming through.”

(How important for the division race was it to win tonight…) “We know how tough our division is. That was the furthest thing from our mind tonight. We were absolutely 100% on the fight that we were in. We’ve got another one ahead this week, so we’ll head back home and start getting ready.”

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I also knew Seattle was gonna try to cram mckissic down our throat in the run and pass as an attempted haha look what we have moment.. I saw multiple players on our team get in his ear including upshaw and Beasley... upshaw really got in his ear as if JD owed him money and hit on his wife... pretty strange.. did not look one bit friendly 


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