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Part game thoughts


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Falcons win, 34-31, lept to the 6th seed, we're officially in the playoff picture. 


1.  Look at the front page... Some of you legitimately need to go on.  I'm seeing a lot of negative threads after winning 34-31 to a good team. 

2.  We scored 34 points. This is a season high for us, and what I expected from this team.  Put it next to last week's performance, and you have to feel pretty good about where we're at. 

3.  Russell Wilson is legitimately special. I loved our pass rush, but it wasn't enough. That's no fault of our defense. I don't know if our defense will face a bigger challenge than tonight. That bodes well. 

4.  We miss Freeman. He creates yards that Coleman and Ward just don't. The sooner we get him back, the better.  

5.  There were definitely things to clean up from tonight, but we have had two solid wins now, this is great for momentum.  We're in a position that we need to win, but it doesn't matter what others do, we control our situation. 

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100% agreed, Seattle ran the scramble drill all night and that’s the only way they stayed in this game or any game... people forget that our offense looked like that under Vick.. just a qb running in circles.. our defense got wore down by that but made enough plays got 2 turnovers for the second week in a row and scored a TD... 

wilson was 6-0 on Monday night football... now he’s 6-1

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Grady Jarrett is the best player on this defense and quietly Adrian Claybourne was super aswell.

It was a tough win on the road.


This team leave s so much on the table it's not funny.Tonight if I'm honest if we put it together in all 3 phases we would have put up 50 and no way would this game be as close as it was.

In the end that drive in the 4th qtr when Coleman came up just short it probably won us the game.

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