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Special Teams was but-t ugly tonight but other than that an impressive victory tonight in a hostile environment


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It didn't help that Bosher couldn't kick it out of the endzone for a touchback like most kickers can. Everything was so short and terrible kickoff coverage resulting in great field position for them. Andre Roberts with a huge mistake. Special teams need to be cleaned up. Maybe replace Bosher in the offseason, he has weak kicks on kickoffs and his punts this year haven't been all that great.

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The biggest thing for me is we aren't complimentary enough across the board.We in parts tonight looked great but couldn't put it all together.Thats the biggest thing for me I just have to see all 3 phases mesh together and then you'll see this team's true colours.

I mean there's certain issues you can point out for sure but I saw breakdowns in all 3 phases tonight and all at different times.

If we had put it together tonight I think this game wouldn't have been anywhere near as close as it was.

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