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Almost falchoked but I'll take it


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Offense finally showed signs of life. Bad game management from Quinn, and wtf at passing the ball and taking a sack on 3rd and 2? Very stupid, just run a darn dive play.

We gotta fix the soft zone crap we play when we have a lead, I swear that chit is worse than watching the kardashians. We also gotta clean up the penalties and fire the ST coach, he is beyond terrible.

Edit: shout out to Alford, Takk, Jarret, and Clay they showed up in a big way despite the terrible coaching on defense.

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2 minutes ago, Jpowers said:

I actually agree.



But shut the **** up.....negative nancy mofo.

It was a compliment sandwitch. I said two nice things, and one negative ;) . But yeah Wilson absolutely balled out. Beasley is just not a good spy, should have used campbell.

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