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Please take the Prevent Defense out of our playbook


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1 minute ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

I'm not excusing it.  I'm just saying, they didn't lock down Seattle the whole game then decide to pull the plug late to burn clock.  Seattle was moving the ball the whole game.

Not sure I completely agree, thought the defense played great for three quarters and crappy in the 4th. The special teams made them look worse

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3 minutes ago, jdawg4876 said:

Also scored us 7 and had roberts throw them to the wolves on special teams. I would call that good


Just now, Falcons Fan MVP said:

7 was due to special teams turnovers. 

Russell Wilson is really good at playing from behind. I remember they cut 31-0 down to 31-24 in playoffs vs Panthers.

Don't care what special teams did.  You don't give up the 7.

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1 minute ago, jdawg4876 said:

Just say I disagree just like that first PI on Alford was terrible.

Fair enough, my friend.  But I'm just saying, if this really is a top 10 defense, you don't give up a TD in a quick change situation.  Coaches preach from the first day of training camp in those situations, backed-up, that you hold them to a FG attempt.  You don't surrended a TD.

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