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A lot of people are blaming a lot of people for the special teams issues. The typical, easy to blame culprits like Bosher and Armstrong. 

"Bosher needs to kick it through the end zone!!!" No, Bosher's plant leg is injured. He's booting it as far as he can. I played soccer. The plant leg is just as important as the off leg. It's like having a bike with a wobbly kick stand. He's still putting it to the end zone. 

"Amstrong is a terrible special team coach!" No

Derrick Coleman has gotten blown up every single kickoff. Look for #40. He's a fullback. He's used to blocking and giving himself up. He's not used to attacking blocks and fighting through for a TD. As a result, every single return, he gave himself up and left his lane wide open. 

Go watch. 

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