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If you could hang out with any Falcons player for a day who would it be?

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Even though I like the guy, I would not want to hang out with Ryan since he would be well-known and attract fans asking for autographs if we did anything in public.  The true would probably also hold for Julio, Devonta and a few others.

As for younger players like Tevin, Jarrett, Keanu, etc., I know they are not poor but they also do not have money like the veterans and would not have extra funds for activities.

I also would not want to hang out with someone who really has an established family and would be worried about a wife being interested in what we are doing or worse would want to bring kids along.

I guess then I would pick somebody like Ryan Schraeder - I show he's single (may have a girlfriend?) but also would probably make any meal I eat look small and could probably serve as a pretty good bodyguard in any public site.  The only disadvantage is that he would not fit in most vehicles and would certainly be too big for most standard seating locations.



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