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Quikie, Falcons at Seattle


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-Hawks are a passing team, rushing 238 times passing 336 times. 2nd in NFL in passing yardage. Wilson leads the team in rushing yardage with 290 yds. And lots of those yards came from Wilson scrambling on a broken pass play.
-Carroll/O-coor Darrell Bevell use a hybrid of the WCO,...one that stresses pure slant/zone blocking on run plays(zero O-linemen pulling unless in short yardage situations), and between the redzones relies soley on moving the ball thru the air.
-25 sacks, DEnds Michael Bennett and Frank Clark have 11 of those but many different Hawks defenders have sacks, a total of TWELVE Hawks have a sack so far this year which is impressive. But wait, the Falcons D has 26 sacks with 11 different players with at least a sack,...hmmm.
-All we'll hear is how banged up the Seahawks are, nooooo doubt. Ya know, every Falcons win is illigitimate ya know, and/or lucky.
-Monday night will be the 3rd meeting between these teams in 13 months. Oct 16, 2016 the Hawks won in Seattle 26-24. In the playoffs on Jan 14 2017, in Atlanta, the Falcons won 36-20.
-Again this is a Falcons must win scenario simply cause the Saints and Panthers ain't goin' away. There would be a chance the NFC South having three teams in the playoffs this Winter. But given how many times teams in the division play each other this late in the season that ain't likely.
-The Falcons have been, the last three seasons, a streaky team regarding wins and losses. 2015 saw a 5-0 start to the season, 2016 there were two 4 game winning streaks and this year we've seen a 3-0 start, a 3 game losing streak so far. With 7 games left it's allllll on the Falcons. Last year the Falcons finished the season 6-1 with a freak 1 point loss to a freak play hosting the Chiefs tossed in there.
-But this year the Falcons put themselves in this position blowing a 17-0 lead to the Dolphins and getting dominating by the Bills at home, which was really,...ummmm curious.
-And lastly,...the Hawks are beat up on they D and pretty bad. The entire Hawks' offensive attack rides on the shoulders of Russell and his receivers. Easy game plan for the Crows,...stop Russell and score on a hurt D.
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