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what a win!!!!!


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i know the goal is to lose this year but the win last night vs the kings was a sight for sore eyes.  we were clicking on all cylinders last night.  shots were falling all over the place.  bazemore actually played a great game, hit some shots, made some nice passes and actually got a few rebounds.  didn't know he was close to the league lead in steals until they mentioned it on the broadcast.  this group can really shoot the perimeter shot.  i'm really starting to like babbitt, marco, taylor and dedmon a lot!  taylor is very fast and does a nice job of drawing and kicking--shooting the ball better than i expected as well.  babbitt can definitely shoot it too!  i don't think he's up to the korver level yet but he's getting close--however it's not as pretty as kyle's.  bellinelli has shown me a lot--he's a really good shooter and can get his shot off more than i expected.  as for dedmon i really think he's a stud.  very intelligent, above average shooter for big man, rebounds a ton, good ft shooter, blocks shots and seems to be a great teammate.  a 46 point victory last night is unheard of--i can't believe how bad the kings are--wow they really stunk it up last night!


hopefully this style carries on a few games--i would love to see them play well and beat boston on saturday night!

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