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Tickets VS the SUCS


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Wanna give tickets to a Forums fan for the game vs the SUCS... Not gonna come to ATL that weekend.  the seats are 111c row 9 seats 11,12.     it will require sending small amount of swag from the stadium but that price is well under the cost of just 1 ticket.      1 windbreaker jacket and 2 game pins from the stadium store 


Just tell me why you deserve the tickets ill choose the recipient before sundays kickoff against the Seahawks!!    

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i shared this on the ajc about the dome implosion on monday--been a fan since '72. hope this might tickle your fancy!

 i have very fond memories of the georgia dome!  my family and some really good friends had season tickets for the falcons from the inaugural season of 1992 through 2001.  those were some really fun times!  i will always hold those game day memories close to my heart.  we ended up making so many friends with our neighbors in mezzanine level section 204.  


several games/events stand out in my mind:  

the pre-season opener when miller hit haynes for a long touchdown on the very first falcon possession inside the dome!


'95 on christmas eve when hebert hit mathis for a beautiful catch and run touchdown over the niners to put us in the playoffs


the dallas game where deion was with the cowboys really stands out because one of our section partners cedric brought the infamous sign--the house that prime built and placed it right in front of our section.  cedric was hilarious and dang near got thrown out that game for not standing for the national anthem--several folks in the section were yelling for him to stand up--he refused and a small altercation took place with some fans--dome security responded quickly and let him stay.  luckily for him because he had spent about 5 or 6 hundred dollars on cowboy jerseys for his whole family.  cedric got the last laugh however as the boys won the game and deion got that long int. for td and did is high stepping dance td routine as well.  hated that!


we also had our picture up in the restaurant in the end zone of the mezzanine level for being their first customers.  it was a framed picture of us with the $20 bill we spent.  the picture stood the test of time for sure--it was still up in there for 6 or 7 years--but on one visit back to a game soon after i noticed the picture was still up--but someone must have busted the glass and stole the $20 bill.


in our time frame of having season tickets we only got to see one playoff game.  but it was a huge one--the '98 divisional game with the niners.  ended up being a 20-18 win for the falcons that catapulted them to that unbelievable win in minnesota to send them to the super bowl.  i remember very clearly jamal anderson making that powerful run up the middle and the kicking outside and superman jumping into the corner of the end zone for the score. i also remember that we truly dominated that game only to have the officials take away one fumble return six by jesse tuggle i think--they not only took away the touchdown but they also took away the recovery--bullcrap call!  the niners trimmed our lead to from 20-10 to 20-16 and then they botched the snap on the pat only to score a two point conversion on some cheap throw by their holder.  thankfully we held on to win the game thanks to a big interception by big play ray buchanan on the niners last gasp drive for a fg.


i could go on and on--but this is getting too long!  i do remember most of the matchups with the saints.  they always brought a lot of fans and it was fun being in that dome with that hostile atmosphere.  haynes' 99 td reception was also hit.  hebert threw it so bad it was good!  i also got to go to the cowboys bills super bowl that year...my friends dad worked for a local car dealership and he somehow got two free tickets.  i'm not going to lie--that was the worst game i ever watched at the dome.  i hated the cowboys and really didn't care for the bills either--so no rooting interest made it difficult to watch--harder even after dallas won a championship on our home field.  oh yeah and oj simpson was there doing sideline reports for whatever network was there covering it-our seats for the game were in the lower level about 5 rows up--so he was right in front of us--i guess this was before the murders.


i'll hate to see the dome come down on monday--i didn't think it was an eyesore at all. i just remember seeing it for the first time and thinking how gigantic it was...i'll always remember the saying my friend came up with--every time the birds would be getting blown out--he would say all of the fans came out to "roam the dome.".

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Im a broke college Senior who's been a die hard falcons fan since I can remember. I've been supporting them through it all, even in the midst of all the banwagon rah rah here at West Georgia. Also, I graduate this Decmber so that would be an incredible graduation gift for all the pain and suffering from studying Biology over the past 5 years lol. I would LOVE to go and see the new stadium and suprise my fiencè or my dad with a trip to the game. And I would DEFINATELY get you that jacket and those pins sir! 

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