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2 hours ago, Knight of God said:

Nice pancake bro. Keep it up. Get you some more.


2 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

Nah. I was the one who mentioned the sack. Pancakes are offense man. Cmon man


2 hours ago, fuego said:

Seriously have never hear that term before in all my years of playing and watching football. In googling I see the term didn't originate until after a good 10-15 years or so after I quit playing. And never heard it mentioned in a broadcast, or at least haven't remembered it. Learn something new every day.

I'll just leave this here:


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15 minutes ago, CrimsonFalcon said:

He didn't even make the list that I am referring to.  I think he was probably only about 280 at the time, Jamarcus was about 302 when he made the list.

Lorenzen was listed at 315 when he was playing (I also found he apparently now weighs over 500 lbs).  But I just looked and he never threw a TD.  Played in several games, but they mostly brought him in to QB sneak on short yardage.

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15 hours ago, Knight of God said:

LOL...I was actually talking about flattening Dak...lol. I was being a jerk to Prescott.

Everything lined up for that sack man. Jarrett lived in that backfield, the edge was on, so the sack came to Poe. I was just glad for him. Looked painful.

I was just using that opportunity to ask about his overall performance on the other side of the ball since the defense balled out. 

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18 hours ago, papachaz said:

I realize that I just missed the opportunity of a lifetime. I got a spam call on my phone just now, and it said Dallas TX. Man, I could have answered that with "hello, Adrian Clayborn speaking...."


I'm gonna beat myself up for missing that chance for the rest of the night  :lol:

Was a rumour some hackers changed the Cowboys Wikipedia page , where owner was , now said Adrian Clayborne lol

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