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Has Devonta Pulled Off the Greatest Ploy of All-Time? (with Falcon cooperation?)


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1) He has a great 2016 and goes into contract negotiations with a pretty strong resume

2) The negotiations appear somewhat hot internally but on the outside Devonta does not indicate skipping camp or games

3) Eventually, his agent pulls off the richest RB contract in the NFL even though Devonta really only plays 2/3 of what other power RB's play

4) He suddenly has a concussion (his second) in the preseason during practice with very little information

5) He conveniently does not play the rest of preseason and just appears ready-to-go for week 1 of the season

6) His first few games feature him with TD's but still his role in the offensive playbook is very limited versus last year

7) He almost disappears from 3rd down plays as his pass-blocking is considered not optimal (evidenced by Superbowl)

8) The Falcons draft a RB high in 2017 and do everything they can keep that RB around (faking an injury to get him to practice squad?)

9) As the season progresses, Devonta's touches and receptions continue to decline versus the prior year

10) Suddenly, in the first game past the halfway mark, Devonta goes out for concussion protocol in the first series with no return

11) The hit was hard to the head but Devonta was not on the ground, no penalty was called, but the medical staff was out to grab him instantly

12) Given that this is his 3rd concussion in his career, it is essentially now Devonta's call as to whether he should ever return

13) The large contract would be largely covered by guarantees given the medical conditions if Devonta retires

14) Since Devonta played 8 games with plenty of touches, it would be hard for any legal proof to be shown that anything was arranged

15) Devonta gets to retire with a lot of money and hard-to-disprove injury

16) The Falcons keep other teams from getting Devonta, get rid of his contract, and now plan for a RB with better combination of blocking/running skills


As much as I have loved Devonta for his past performance especially given his size, I really questioned how much the Falcons paid him (especially considering how many other contracts they will have coming up) but then have been shocked at little they have been using him so far in 2017.  Something just seems weird about what has been developing.

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