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Mark Richt - Could he come back?

judas yeast

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2 hours ago, judas yeast said:

It turns out it wasn't Richt... What would it take to get him to return to UGA?  

Dude, we got smoked, I saw a 10-2 season with a chance at a SEC east crown.  This tam still has many goals in front and the team is getting better.  We have two more potential top 3 classes coming in 2018 and 2019.  The loss stunk but the program is starting to rise.  This team will be a Phoenix and rise from the ashes of the Auburn loss.  The loss will get them back on track.  I have not been this happy about our program since 2002-2005.  

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3 hours ago, judas yeast said:

I was here last week...I even complimented your team afterwards.  It's interesting that Richt has Miami back in the driver's seat.  You guys are sore losers.

UGA is 9-1, will represent the east in Atlanta and recruiting is better now than it ever has been. Why would we want to start talking about firing Kirby Smart? You started this thread, not a UGA fan...

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