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What team kept popping in your head...


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I suppose you're fishing for someone to say, Falcons?  But the only similarity I see between the Dawgs and the Falcons, is one was 9-0 and in the thick of an SEC Championship race --- and the other is 4-4, and fighting for their life... 


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5 hours ago, achin2be said:

Not fishing... wondering if anyone else was feeling my pain. On paper it was going to be a fight. The fact that Georgia was favored and under performed on all levels brought back similarities. 

I did!  Stupid penalties at crucial times, inability to run yet keep trying to even though there's not a lot of time left on the clock, questionable play calling and OL that seemed intent on getting our QB killed by not holding the line more than a second or two.  Hopefully our Falcons have finally turned a corner and will start fast today and keep their feet on the gas!!  I look for Julio to have a good game.

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