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First 2018 Falcons Mock Draft - (Dream Mock) 7 rounds

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Round 1 Pick 19: Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan 

The replacement for Poe, who will be shipping out next year, who reminds me of Grady a bit. Low center of gravity and great power. Patient on run blocking, but rarely gets moved from his spot.  


Round 2 Pick 19: Beau Benzschawel, OG, Wisconsin

Peeps will be all " A GUARD???? "...... Yeah a guard.... one that might fall into the 2nd round. One I think could come in and take the RG job in 2 seconds from Wes. Needs to work on pass blocking, but not too far off on that note.


Round 3 Pick 19: Jalyn Holmes, DE, Ohio State 

You can never have enough pass rush they say. Well.... Yeah.... Love the fire in this man. Deff check him out guys.


Round 4 Pick 19: Ed Paris, CB, LSU

LSU CB? Check...... 6'0" and likes to hit and tackle? Check.... Welcome to the ATL sir.


Round 6 Pick 19: James Looney, DT, California

Looney is a great pick near the end of the draft. He's going to rise in the combine though.


Round 7 Pick 19: Justin Yoon, K, Notre Dame

Bring out the kicker replacement for Bryant  LOL

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