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1 hour ago, slamee101 said:

I guess.

I just don't really think CB is our biggest problem right now as much as people want to beat up on Tru.  Can we look at another outside pass rusher?  Is there a RG available?  FB?

Lol! I agree....problem is coach does not even recognize our main issue which is

Gaurd position

Special teams

Dropped catches 

You fix above 3 ....we can win almost any game going forward.

Because, defense is only giving up 21pts pir less.

With this dynamic offense we should be able to put up over 27 points.


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26 minutes ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

Pretty sure we'll be getting the Philly version of him.

Actually the eagles were just a horrible fit for him and his style of play.  I'm not sure why they ever wanted him to begin with actually.   In 2016 when he signed with the Dolphins he regained his form like he had in Seattle and He was the 10th rated CB in 2016 per PFF.  He has only played in 2 games this year so you can't really judge him to much on that really.  He can be a bit of a slower starter but is ususaly a strong finisher toward the end of the season.

I'll say this though he wasn't worth the big money he got but he's also not some scrub and as a #3/4 on a team he would be much better than most other teams guys and when he is on he can be better than most peoples #1's just not over long periods of time.

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