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Coaching? Players? I Just Don't Know...

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Is it the coaching? Is it the players?  Truthfully, I just don't know.  On one hand, I am completely miffed that Sean McVay has the Rams looking like world beaters, and the best offense in football. Therefore, I don't think the excuses work for Sark being new, and that it takes a year or two to get acclimated, yada, yada, yada.  McVay is 30 years old, and he looks like the best thing since sliced bread.  VERY disheartening that we have regressed this far, and I think we have more offensive talent than the Rams.

The players.  Has Matt Ryan been horrible? No.  Has he been great, like he was last year? Absolutely not!  Julio Jones.  Love the guy, but honestly, we fans have overrated him.  He is too much of a race horse, and as such, he is a china doll.  It seems like every time he makes a catch, he gets hurt. Quinn talks about our third down issues, well how many times is Julio on the sidelines on these downs?  It seems like a lot.  The defensive line doesn't seem to get consistent pressure, and 200 yards of running by the Panthers is absolutely ridiculous.  What an embarrassment!  Julio's drop hurt us, but the lack of stopping the run was the reason we lost this game.  

Nothing worse than to let Cam run all over us, and then act like the cocky, arrogant dude that he is.  Painful as a longtime fan of this team.

Why are we abandoning the run all the time?  Is it Sark, or is it that he doesn't have faith in our O-line?  Can't blame Sark that we can't get 1 yd. when we must have it.  That makes a coordinator have to call seemingly stupid plays at these critical junctures.  We need an upgrade on the line.  If you can't get a yard, you have serious issues, and that is not the play caller's fault.

I tell you what is his fault though.  Not getting Coleman 5 - 10 touches in the passing game.  He is as explosive as anybody!  GET THIS GUY THE BALL IN SPACE!!!!

This team has the talent to turn this around, but having dealt with this up and down rollercoaster crap for 40 years, I am just too disappointed to put much more energy into it.  Seems like I care more than the Falcons do.  I don't see the passion from this group.  All I see is stupid cliché's, week after week.  Brotherhood this, we have to clean-up some areas, we have to execute, blah, blah, blah.  Same thing week after week.  

I hate to say it, but I am dangerously close to changing my focus to the 2018 draft...


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BTW, Ram's OC was our QB coach last year.  He is running the Shanny WCO.  insult to injury. 

There are many things wrong this year.  Yes the dropped passes are an issue and the penalties on O and D and ST.  Missed blocks by the O-Line can also be included and poor tackling by the defense.  

With that said, I think a big part of the offensive struggles are the play calling and game plan.  

We had dropped plasses last year, but we would come back and complete a pass for 17 yards the next play or rip an outside zone run for 9 yards or a bubble screen for a TD and you forgot about the drops and penalties.  

We are running a very predictable and defendable offense.  We are coming out and running right for 2 yards, left for 1 yard then throwing on 3rd and long.  Last year we didn't get to 3rd down very often because we were ripping off chunks of yards.  If we did get to 3rd down, we had a good play that got someone open for a first down.  This year we have WR's running down the field, sometimes they stop and turn around other times they just run down the field.  If they are open matt is supposed to throw the ball them, but this is the NFL and open is a relative term and since it's 3rd down, Matt is holding the ball because he want's to get the ball to someone that is open and can get a 1st down. 

When was the last time we saw a stretch zone run?  Sark just want's to run it inside right then inside left, then expect someone to get open on 3rd and long.  

Good coaches put players in a position of success.  We don't have an offensive line that can knock guys off the ball, we don't have a RB that can run into a pile of guys and move the pile 3 yards.  We can't run the ball the way Sark is saying and showing he wants to run the ball.  

It's extremely frustrating to watch. 

Looking forward to the draft, we are gonna need use our 5th - 7th round picks to move up wherever possible to draft new O-Lineman in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds.  

I'm still a fan, but I have no hope for this season other than Sark gets fired.  

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