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How many double digit lads are we going to lose?


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 It seems like every year,  especially this year, we go up big and then lose.  This has to go on the coaches.  The opposing coaches make adjustments real quick and come back and beat us.  That is a sign of good coaching on their part and horrible coaching on ours.  I felt like the Panthers OC had our defense really confused yesterday with all the misdirection and that we as a team are too stubborn to adjust.  Y not load the box and have cam beat us with his arm?  Y can't we watch tape on how other teams shut down Carolina and use that same game plan? We have the same type of defense throughout the whole game and our coaches are too stubborn to change our philosophy and opposing teams know how to attack us.  Our defense is probably the best 1st quarter defense,  but once the adjustments are made,  they start coming back.  Our offense gets shut down and our defense cannot sustain the lead.

If I were the coach,  I would make cam beat us throwing the ball and loading the box. Don't know y the coaches can't see that.  Not 1 time after the 1st quarter was I confident in our defense to make a stop. They were running down our throats and no adjustments were made.  That is a sign of stubbornness. I feel like DQ is too stubborn

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