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What make this even more painful is that the media was right


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All offseason everyone and their mom was telling us how the Falcons were going to have a SUPERBOWL hangover and not recover after the collapse. We believed the brotherhood could get past this but man this team just keeps letting us down when we need them the most. Now I have to look at these smirks of people thinking their football geniuses for calling our hangover. I don't want to embrace the suck anymore. I want last years team back :sadwave:

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We have this way of making the national media right about us.  It's to the point where I don't understand how folks can get upset.


Them: Falcons aren't for real!

Us: We'll show them in the playoffs.

Result: GB massacre.


Them: Falcons can't compete with that Giants team that's gotten hot again.

Us: Giants aren't even that good.

Result: 2 points!


Them: Falcons are good but I expect SF to come in and win.

Us: This is our year.

We remember what happened.


Them: Falcons have a great offense but they're going against Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck.

Us: They're defense hasn't played anyone, our D is improving, we'll shock the world.

Result: Most epic collapse in SB history.


At this stage if you're believing in the Falcons (or any sports team from Georgia) it's on you for playing the role of Charlie Brown to their Lucy.  This is who we are.

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2 minutes ago, octoslash said:

The media is usually so full of s---, but when they're right, I'm not going to deny it.  I tried for months to ignore the existence of this mythical 'hangover'.

But every week the Falcons give me reason to label them as being just that:  hungover.

Yeah, I was in denial about the hangover. But that shiz is real. Our guys are just weak-minded. I'm betting Ryan wished he never wrote that letter to the fans. That thing is pure trash. 

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