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I smelled trouble when you give a slash RB a contract instead of signing AP and converting to a power running game.

I thought and was wrong about:

1.  I thought Matt Ryan was mature enough to tell a rookie OC what offense he wanted.  Instead we have a college coach running I formations without a power running back to compliment things.  IOW, I'M SICK OF SEEING FREEMAN getting arm tackled and having to pass on 3rd and 1's.

2.  Yet again seeing a DC who SEES no pass rush but just waits for us to get carved up while QB's bake cakes playing 7 on 7.  Blitz much?

3.  I thought we were smart enough to resign Dwight Freeney, sign Adrian Peterson or Eddie Lacy and especially Martellus Bennett.

4.  People have figured us out.  Put your 1st stringer on Sanu and your 2nd stringer on Julio with a double team.

5.  Never thought we would run an I formation when you can take Freeman and put him as a WR, keeping the defense off-balanced.

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