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Physical Talent + Mental Weakness = Sad Falcon Fans


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I've seen a lot of football plays. I can forgive physical errors. I absolutely hate it when this team repeatably loses focus and gifts teams into good situations when the opponent can't do anything right. The end of the first half felt so much like the opening second half drive by Miami it wasn't funny. Up by 10. Driving. Can't get a yard on two runs. Then we add a silly 15 yard penalty which amplified the first big thrill of the game for Carolina. They were beat. Cam was headed for implosion after the 2nd fumble. Yet we breathed life into them. Give them credit for the stop, but if you take away 30 penalty yards, does the ensuing drive end the same way?

This team is talented. Because of the loss, its hard to remember how many really good physical plays they made. So, this rant is mostly about penalties that result from a lack of mental focus and discipline, but the mental weakness shows up in more subtle ways as well. My favorite Falcon is Ryan. Not just now, of all time. That said, what happened to his ability to lead a two minute comeback? In 3 of our 4 losses he had hand on ball at the end and couldn't lead the team across the finish line. I do understand it is more than the QB, but he is the engine in those situations. He's calling many of his own plays and he is the leader on the field. Until this season, he lead the NFL since 2008 in both 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives. This year when the team is struggling, the mental weakness has found its way into his confidence in these game situations. I do think the Miami comeback drive attempt was on Hooper. I do realize Julio dropped a ball today. I know that Ryan isn't the cause of the failure, he just isn't "MVPing" the team above their struggles atm.

Quinn: I put the blame mostly on him. Not fair, you say: "The players have to execute." I actually agree. However, when they repeatedly fail to execute, it is on the coach. Some of the guys need tough love, some of the guys he need to cuddle. All players are different. However, the days of rah rah camaraderie fixing everything are over. I personally felt like halftime was the perfect opportunity for Quinn to take the boot in a@@ approach with this team. "You guys had your blanking foot on their throat and you lost your focus and let them off the ground. Next thing you knew, you were on your backs looking up seeing stars." 

I've watched bad Falcons team lose and it didn't hurt me as bad as watching this very talented team lose to inferior opponents. Is this what "hangover" feels like? There is always next year. However, it doesn't have to be this way.  Quinn...figure it out. I appreciate your accomplishments to this point with the Falcons, but this mess is yours to fix. Get about the fixing...quickly. 

Anyway...pardon the rant. As you were. I'll lay awake tonight wishing I had obeyed the 24 hour rule!

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