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Bucs fans should be ashamed of Winston & Mike Evans


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12 minutes ago, mattyicefalcon said:

We are 4-4 ...definitely, not at all in midseason form......not sure we should be taking solace or fun on a team which has already folded. 

Lol, you guys don't need to keep quoting me to let me know that the Falcons aren't doing well either.  I can and will still enjoy the Bucs completely imploding though.

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5 minutes ago, PK Manley said:

Right...so, this thread is about the Bucs, so I'm just talking about the Bucs, and not any of the other NFC south teams, including ours

Whatever makes you feel good man.....I cant even look past our teams blatantly obvious miscues game after game.....same lip talk & failure to execute at all levels.

What a golden opportunity we had today to pound the ***** cat and we choked yet again.


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