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Did Ryan tell Julio o catch the f’ing ball

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I was only able to watch bits of the game but on a replay right after the big JJ drop , I thought I saw Ryan walking towards Julio and he said something like catch the f’ing ball. Looks like he said other words and JJ was staring right at him but he definitely said f’ing ball and some other stuff.  This was right after the drop and Ryan did not look happy. 

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Matt's not the nice little choir boy that he seems to the average fan. He will crawl their ***** if they mess up. He just tries to keep it out of the media. Even though he has been caught a a few times letting his other side slip out. Roddy even said that once in a interview. He said we don't know the real Matt. Matt will also step to the podium to take the blame,no matter what happened, he will protect his WR. He may bust their balls in private, but not in the media. I remember years ago a video popped up online of a closed practice and Matt was getting on their butts, our old friend miko(lol) i believe posted it. From what I've seen collectively through his career, i wouldn't be shocked if he said It, but i haven't seen the clip. Also would be surprised if he told him not to worry about it.

The whole offense is out of wack. Has Matt over throwed some passes? Yeah. So has every QB in the NFL. Sometimes you just are a little off. The bigger problem has been his targets letting him down. If most of those are caught, noone thinks about the few over throws. Which those aren't even always on him. I've seen several where the WR let up on the route. Bet there are more of them where the WR broke their route off shorter than he thought they would. Sometimes its just different things. Then you add in the few just off target throws and it just all looks like a lot on him. Matt's has always been a accurate QB. 

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13 hours ago, shanep said:

are you kidding?? ryan does not have ANY fire or competitiveness in his sorry a$$,neither does jones anymore.its obvious they  could care less on doing ANYTHING above mediocrity,and it shows.

You really questioning JJ’s work ethic?  Dude get out.  Nothing wrong with JJ’s work ethic, he’s a straight out baller.

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