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We are officially in The Pit of Misery! Dilly, Dilly.,,


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What the hale are you talking about? We are not just now in The Pit of Misery. We have BEEN in The Pit of Misery since February 5th..... DILLY DILLY!


Actually, Atlanta pretty much is the official pro sports Pit of Misery altogether.

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On a positive note. I did not buy into the PSL crap. I feel sad for the ones that did. History of this team say no way in the world is paying for a PSL for the Falcons smart. Got a big screen and sound system. Now I can watch movies and turn off the Falcons. While many just suffer at the Pitt of Misery or more commonly known as the More BStadium!!

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2 minutes ago, HMFIC said:

Is it baseball season yet.......huh ?  Huh ?

Well if you are a ATL fan you can watch the Hawks try and win 10 games this year. The Braves will also be on the wrong side off 500 this coming year. So lets don't rush it. Oh well time for more hunting and fishing. I have more fun doing that anyway. 

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