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Painful, simply Painful!!!


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Come on, we deserve better than this.  After that horrific Super Bowl game (I was there in person), you would think this team would come out and tear up the league.  It's been just the opposite. In my opinion, it all boils to coaching. I'm done with these "player's coaches".  All that high five-ing and tail slapping on the sidelines has got to go.  The penalties and mistakes are a result of a team that knows nothing will happen to them whether they play at 110% or 85%.  People need to be held accountable.  As for our coaches, they are way out of their league.  The Falcons are like a Formula One car with a soccer mom behind the wheel.  The coaches don't know who to handle all that horsepower so they simply are afraid to run it wide open.  Sorry for the rant.

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