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So I have been just as disappointed by the offense as just about everyone else this year. I didn't get to watch the Jets game live so it was a very frustrating 3 hours not being able to see what was going on. Dave and Arch just couldn't put in to words have nasty it was last Sunday. I finally got to sit down and watch the game and I came away so much more confident in this offense than I have been in 4 weeks. Matt seemed to be putting the ball exactly where it was supposed to be on just about every throw. WR's didn't have to stop their routes or over reach for balls.(of course there better be a lot of JUGGS machine work this week). The Jets D-Line is one of the better lines in the league and they protected fairly well and opened a few nice running lanes. I also like the fact that we didn't completely stop running when we got down big.

Criticize if you will call me a over the top homer, whatever. I have this sneaky feeling that this offense is getting comfortable and Sark is starting to understand what does and does not work. I do think the SBLI and Patriots thing was lingering and is now gone as well.

The Falcons are about to go on a run and take the NFC South Division

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I have been really concerned with tev not getting a lot of looks in the passing game, that is one weapon I felt Sark was failing to utilize and open up the offense. I feel a lot better after hearing him talk about just that, and both our rbs this week...


"They're a heck of a matchup problem for defenses," Sarkisian said. "Depending on formations and types of defenses we get - man coverage, zone coverage - you can try to create some opportunities that way. I know in the past couple of weeks, we've called a couple of things specifically for Tevin (Coleman). It wasn't the coverage we were looking for, and the ball ended up going somewhere else, which is natural in football. That happens when you're calling pass plays, sometimes the defense can dictate where the ball is going to go on specific plays.

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On 11/2/2017 at 2:24 PM, osiruz said:

Hope so, Ryan needs to protect the ball better.


On 11/2/2017 at 1:47 PM, falconsd56 said:

We saw glimmers of it sunday...hopefully we can continue to expand on sunday and get back to a mor consistent offense

Seems reminiscent of last year. Started 4-3 with a sluggish offense, then ramped it up and went on a torrid run. Hopefully we’ll duplicate it again this year. I know most on year have lit into Sark but there are always adjustments when you bring in someone new. It takes time to gel. Remember when everyone hated Shanny? Look how that turned out. Not saying this will be the same but we have to give Sark more than 7 games to show if he’s a bust or not. Matt can’t play any worse than he has. He’s too good of a QB to stay the course, even though 5 of the 6 interceptions were not entirely his fault. He and the offense did look much better on Sunday. 

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4 hours ago, Gold4425 said:

Notice that Gabe is not having a big impact this year, like last year when he was breaking the long ones which helped Julio and Sanu. Also we miss Dimarrco more then I thought we would. Also the FO is too proud but I would being back TAMME.  It would allow our offense to do so much more.

I was curious and just looked it up... Gabriel didn't really have a good game until week 8(3 for 68 and a TD).  I'm not giving up on anything with this team last year.. we definitely didn't pick up where we left off, but we were in the exact same place at this point last season.  We KNOW the talent is there, it's **** near the same... People weren't the sky is falling when Green Bay sucked at this point last year and then went on a run, and we're a better team than they were.

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