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Emmitt Open Letter to Dan Quinn on Max Ryans


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18 hours ago, chitowndirtybird said:

You can really tell the board noobs from the vets.... thanks emmit!  :D

You'd have to be a noob at life not to see the obvious sarcasm in OP. 

Max Ryans?

Yeah ok...

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33 minutes ago, IronHead34 said:

I love all the youngsters who do not know who Emmit is. Come on, kids, this is Harry Douglas' personal promoter!



I just wanted to let all ya’ll know that Harry D will be signing autographs at the local Pick and Pay to promote his upcoming movie Tripod!

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7 hours ago, Leggggggo said:

I should taken a selfie with Courtney before he moved. I get asked all the time if I really lived next to him. 100% true but he moved soon after the season was over.


Another thing that was 100% was his parking. Dude was all over the place.

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