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Panthers Trade WR Kelvin Benjamin


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6 minutes ago, FentayeJones said:

For a third and a seventh...

:o little rich for my blood for a guy who I don't think has ever really found a niche.  

McDermott probably has a vision for him, though.  Buffalo doesn't ask much of their WR's with the type of offense they play and Taylor could use a big target with Matthews out.

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Just now, Knight of God said:

The only sense pro football makes, is none ever. This is why I don't get when people get mad when fans want a specific player. Who cares? It COULD happen.

You sure said a mouthful there, brother.

I wish I coulda been a fly on the wall during the strategy session with Rivera on this one.  I mean they're already bereft of outside weapons.  Guess they're going full time throw to the tight ends, check it down to the backs, pound it 45 times a game.  They might come out there and run straight wing-t Sunday.  

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15 minutes ago, slamee101 said:

Considering we lost to a struggling Miami team at home after our bye week nothing is a given but with no Jalen and Tru struggling (plus he's had trouble covering Benjamin in the past) I can't be too upset about this.



Watch us lose 31-13.

Tru hasn’t troubling covering him?? Look at the stats and try again... 

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