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Why Are We Paying Trufant?


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OK is it coincidence or is it just that... every time I look up and I see Trufant getting burned on a big play?

We're paying him premium top dollars as a CB didn't we?

Can someone tell me why we're paying him all that?


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8 minutes ago, since68andcounting said:

Is it coincidence that our defense's improvement last year coincided with Trufant's injury?

Ha,  laughable... U must not watch the games,  he has never been a press corner never will be... And good players are the ones who are trade able... He's just not good in this defense

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6 minutes ago, Falcanuck said:

Yes. Yes he is. If a guy like Richard Sherman thinks so, I'll easily side with him over you guys.

Richard Sherman said this along time ago. This team has a problem with getting robbed by free agent big contracts. 

1.Ray nipple rings


3.Don't matter Poe

4.Tyson Jokeson 

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