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Falcons - New D.C 2018?

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4 hours ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Been watching Schiano since Rutgers.  There's nothing particularly brilliant or dynamic about his defense.  

Ohio State is stocked with premium talent, especially along that defensive line.  Really fun watching them rush the passer and how they move their guys around along that front.

No reason for them to give up 35+ points with all that talent...it’s the best DL he has ever coached, including the Bucs, if I remember the quote properly

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I don't get it we are a top 15 defense in almost every category their is under the 1st year of the coordinator so far compared to almost dead last year under the old coordinator and people want to change him.   Whats even crazier is the offense is not helping our defense out at all this year and giving them very little to work with compared to last year and we are still that much better than last year.   If the offense was rolling like it was last year and not turning the ball over so much our defense with the way it has played so far would be a top 10 D as it sits in points and yards probably.

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