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Ravens beat Dolphins 40-0 with backup QB


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14 minutes ago, A Dog Named Brian said:

I didn't realize HC's from other teams had to answer for another team's win or loss.

That's like saying I have to spin why my ex found another man after her time with me. Neither here nor there at this point

Well technically we had the chance to win 40-0 also but our gameplan was to let the dolphins score 20 after half instead of US score that 20. Make sense now...;)

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1 hour ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Ravens beat Dolphins with their DEFENSE and smart football by controlling time of possession and not turning over ball.

You just need a game manager for Ravens team and thats what happened.

Falcons did that for a half.

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3 hours ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

Why would Quinn want to spin anything? Dolphins game was weeks ago, move on. I understand you're trying to troll, I appreciate you taking time out of your personal life to show up when the Falcons do bad. But if you still need attention, buy a dog or get a life?



Saw the name of the OP and immediately knew this thread would be $hit. 

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16 minutes ago, Knight of God said:

Flacco was knocked out. Mallett was in

Tannehill and Cutler were both out, Matt Moore was in. Career backup. Mallett came in at basically 20-0, game was decided because Dolphins would never overcome that deficit with a career backup QB.

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